Starters package 2015-2016

Urology resident in Belgium ?

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Like last year, and the BLUG are organizing the Starters Package for fourth year urology residents.
During this course, laparoscopic and robotic surgery skills are trained in a very practical manner.

The course will take place in 4 modules: one theoretical session in Ghent, one in the cadaver Lab in Liège, one for live animal surgery (exact location to be communicated) and one robot training in the ORSI institute.

Only fourth year residents are invited for the Starters package 2015 - 2016. As some residents are doing research or extra years abroad, a fourth year resident is defined as somebody who still has three more years of training to go (starting from August 1, 2015).


Hereby some more information:

  • There will be 4 modules:
    First module : Theory: Ghent, 9-10th of October
    Second module: Cadaver Training: Liège, 18th of December
    Third module: 29th of April 2016
    Fourth module: 3rd of June 2016
  • The first session is compulsory to attend the practical sessions!!!
  • Registration fee wil be €150 per person.