Board 2008/09

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President of ESRU Belgium: Bart De Troyer
Treasurer: Wim Blyweert, Kathy Vander Eeckt, Gunter De Win
Secretary: Geert De Naeyer
Webmaster: Bart De Troyer, Tibaut Debacker
Membership responsible: Wim Blyweert, Kathy Vander Eeckt
ESRU.BE-day: Gunter De Win, Karel Decaestecker, Thibaud Saussez
ESRU.BE-night: Thomas Tailly
Adjuvant Courses: Gunter De win, Geert De Naeyer, Bart De Troyer
NCO: Bart De Troyer
Leaving the board: Marc Claessens, Frank Van Der Aa, Nicolaas Lumen
New members: Thomas Tailly, Karel Decaestecker, Saussez Thibaud

We have chosen to have at least one delegate from each university in the executive committee of ESRU Belgium. Like this ESRU Belgium stays in close contact with the principal educational and training institutions in our country.