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Thursday July 26, organizes a practical course about materials for incontinence, stoma care and prolaps in UZ Gent.
This course will be interesting both for the young resident but also for the older resident that should be able to answer these questions him or herself in future practice.

The course will be given from a practical point of view.
Ronny Pieters and Veerle Decalf both are nurse at the UZ Ghent and have an extensive experience in the different materials that are used in urology.

Topics like these...

Which catheters to prescribe for your patiënt that has a suprapubic catheter or clean intermittent catheterization?
What is the cost and reimbursement for clean intermittent catheterization?
What is the ‘forfait’ for urinary incontinece, how much is it and who can benefit from this?
Tips and trick for urinary stoma care?
How to choose the right pessary for your patiënt?
Troubleshooting with pessary’s
How to choose and fit a condom catheter?

…and many other topics will be addressed.


Start time

zaal Atrium

Ghent University Hospital
C. Heymanslaan 10
9000 Ghent



Registration is obligatory, please register for this course BEFORE July 15.

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